Westmore – "The First Name In Makeup Education"

by: Marvin Westmore
Marvin Westmore

Marvin Westmore

I have been asked repeatedly over the years: “What should I have in my Makeup Kit?”

Below are some suggestions on what you might want to include when starting to build a makeup kit.

It always will be evolving, just as you are as a makeup artist.

Essential Prep Items:

  1. Paper towels/tissues
  2. Small trash bag
  3. Disposables, mascara wands, lip applicators, makeup wedges, cotton swabs, face-cleansing cloths
  4. Makeup cape
  5. Hair clips
  6. Comb
  7. Emery board
  8. Nail polish remover


  1. Eyelash curler
  2. Tweezers
  3. Small scissors
  4. Ceramic Tile for mixing cream-based foundations and concealers
  5. Metal palette knife


  1. Concealers- creamy opaque shades to cover a wide range of skin tones from ivory to ebony.
  2. No-color loose setting powder; yellow-orange based for darker skin tones.
  3. Cream foundations- 6-10 global shades ranging from ivory to ebony.
  4. Oil-free foundations- 6-10 global shades ranging from ivory to ebony.
  5. Eyebrow color- 6-8 pencils and powders of basic shades including auburn, blond, gray and brown.
  6. Eye liner pencils and/or cream- 6-10 colors including black, brown, navy, plum and neutral tones.
  7. Lip liners- 6-8 colors including neutral tones, red coral, rose and plum.
  8. Matte and shimmer eye shadows- 8-10 colors of neutral tones; 8 bright vibrant colors.
  9. Lipsticks- 8-12 tones of rose, reds, pinks, corals and neutral browns. You do not need to have an abundance of lipsticks. Mix and create your own color.
  10. Lip gloss- High shine, clear, soft neutral colors. Beige always is nice to tone down a too-bright color.
  11. Cream and powder blushes- 8-12 shades of soft pink, rose, coral and neutral tones.
  12. False eyelashes- full and individual- in black and brown.
  13. Eyelash adhesive.

Optional Itemes:

  1. Shimmer body lotion
  2. Assorted glitters
  3. Assorted metallic powders
  4. Face glosses
  5. Portable lighting
  6. Instant Image or digital camera
  7. Facial groomer, a battery-operated clipper for facial detail work
  8. Folding director’s chair

Comments on: "Creating A Basic Makeup Kit" (4)

  1. great info. u made my life easy.thanks

    blinc eyelash curler

  2. Hi Marvin I was trained by you many many years ago I was wondering if you had any brush up courses. I been out of the business (being a mom) for many year I’m now looking to get back in but would like a little bush up n need to learn some new trends

    • Maria, so nice to hear from you. I have sold the school to Empire a few years back. Learn more about what has been going on by following a number of my websites including our WestmoreMuseum.com, a Westmore Museum Twitter and Facebook site as well as a Facebook site for George H. Westmore. I’m spending my time writing, consulting and pursuing opportunities for the Museum. Stay in touch and visit our Facebook Pages and join many of the graduates of the Westmore Academy. I hope YOU get back into Makeup very soon. -Marv

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