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The Makeup Palette

by: Marvin Westmore

An artist’s palette holds many colors allowing them to be mixed to meet the painting’s need. For some unknown reason makeup is a stepchild in the field of esthetics. The only reason I can figure out is that most women, in general from 15 on up, wear makeup of some kind and must feel they know about makeup application. The only elements that they really are concerned about are the new fashion makeup colors.

Marvin Westmore

Marvin Westmore

Many of you know of my “Johnny Appleseed” feelings about the art of makeup and that a beautiful yet natural, fashionable makeup just doesn’t happen by accident or by a few waves of magic makeup wand. It is accomplished by deliberate design and successful application techniques for specific reasons-be it to look more youthful, attractive, glamorous, elegant or sexy.

This is why I am so pleased to see magazine’s that focus on issues that illustrate Makeup Palettes. See – “Skin Inc. May 2003 Issue – www.SkinInc.com There were a number of articles in this issue that will give you a higher awareness that makeup just doesn’t happen but is a deliberate process. It is one that can improve a client’s life, and help the client not only looks more attractive and beautiful but also feel more beautiful. What more could anyone want in life to look more beautiful and also feel more attractive?

Makeup and money

Lori Nestore, the president of Eva’s Esthetics, is a second-generation beauty specialist; her mother Eva Friederichs, a pioneer esthetician and a classic, accomplished makeup artist, is a specialist in her own right in both education, and product knowledge. In her article “Make Money With Makeup” on page 56, Nestore focuses on how spa owners can make money and increase their bottom line by selling makeup services and makeup products in their spas as an added profit center. Not only can we compete with the department stores, but we can run circles around them when it comes to makeup services that when accomplished properly always turn into product sales.

Teen Market

A newcomer to our ranks who I spied at a trade show a few years back, Dianne York-Goldman’s specialty is the teen and youth market-a market that needs professional guidance, education and products. In her article “Teen Makeup Trends” on page 94, York-Goldman talks about the role estheticians can play in the development of health habits for teens. She shares information on how to educate teens about skin care and the use of makeup. Stop and think how much pressure a teen service of this dimension at your spa would take off a busy, working mother, whose gratitude automatically turns her into a grateful client. York-Goldman also is a co-author of several extremely useful books aimed at and written for today’s teens.

Accentuate the positive

On the other end of the spectrum Zee Sabin, a makeup artist from Mountain View, California, contributes a healthy aging makeover, “Sparkling Beauty,” for mature clients on page 124. I know that women of all ages, especially the mature client, appreciate and need makeup counseling in how to look more currently fashionable, attractive and younger. Sabin’s article is an important part of balance in the Makeup Palette.

It’s interesting that over the years I have developed an aversion to the term “makeover.” It implies that a person needs to be “made over” or into something she isn’t, and that what she is no longer is of any value, or that she is less than good looking. If it were up to me, I would throw the word makeover out and replace it with “creating a more attractive look” or “enhancing her already positive assets.” No amount of makeup can make a woman something she isn’t. Much of a woman’s beauty comes from her sense of self-worth and to tell her she needs to be made over is a downer and makes her doubt her value as a person and her value in society. No amount of makeup can cover or conceal a negative attitude.

A matter of permanency

This same issue’s “Touch the Future” profiles the International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics on page 108. I know that permanent cosmetics are here to stay. I just wish that before anyone is trained or allowed to use this permanent cosmetic technique, they be screened or tested to see what their skills are as a makeup as well as their knowledge of color. This Knowledge needs to be highly developed before anyone is allowed to even pick up the permanent cosmetic equipment. Unfortunately I’ve seen some misshapen and black brows and clumsy attempts at blue eye liner, not to mention some misguided, darker-than-natural lip liner colors that these women will take to their grave. When having these techniques done, women need to look into a mirror and visualize themselves at 70 or 80 and decide if this is how they truly want to be perceived. Estheticians also need to counsel their clients accordingly. It only takes one bad apple to spoil the barrel. Permanent cosmetics certainly can be used to help create a more appearance and is a valid method and technique in the field of esthetics.

Inter beauty

Last but not least, Julian Cauceglia. PhD, writes about a topic near and dear to my heart – mind aesthetics. In his aticle “Mind Aesthetics” on page 82, he addresses how beauty is more than skin deep. In reality, is resides in the psyche and we can have as much influence on the inner feelings as we do on our client’s outward appearance. Stop and think about those days you feel absolutely ugly and then think about those days that everyone tells you how beautiful you are and you just glow – your looks haven’t really changed have they? Only your attitude or mental state has changed.

You can and do have a direct influence on your client’s positive self-worth and Cauceglia tells you how to make this an integral part of the services you provide. The bottom line: happy customers tell other people. The result is a lager clientele, and increased services and retail sales, which is why we are in business. The real bonus is that our clients not only look good but they also feel good, because of you!

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