Westmore – "The First Name In Makeup Education"


Hello World!

Welcome to my personal Blog.

This is an exploding new experience for me.

It is, as if I have been wandering around in this forest looking for my crew, and suddenly I have discovered you.There you are.I am seeing you, and speaking to you, and you to me, and it is pure magic that leaves a non-computer geek weak. This is a new adventure for me with excitement; I look forward to the challenge.

My intentions are to use this Blog to answer questions, communicate ideas, and create a opportunity to share my knowledge and experience. I welcome questions from young people who are thinking about a career decision in makeup and hair, or those looking to make a change in profession.

I hope to personally meet you at one of the many Makeup and Beauty Expo’s which I attend as well as participate in around the country. Please take a moment and introduce yourself to me.

In 2010 the Westmore Academy was acquired by  www.Empire.edu  Sadly,  in March of 2012 Empire decided, because of the nations continued economic problem as well as the US Bank’s reluctance to issue educational loans Empire would not maintain the Hollywood/ Burbank Makeup School.  Empire has over 100 location across the United States. 

Currently, The George Westmore Research Library & Museum is reviewing new educational opportunities, looking at new locations, and developing exhibits with local museums and educational institutions for special traveling exhibits.

I am proud to announce the launching of four new websites:

  1. My Personal “Blog” – www.MarvinGWestmore.wordpress.com
  2. Westmore Library & Museum”Website” – www.WestmoreMuseum.com
  3. Westmore Library & Museum “Blog” – www.WestmoreMuseum.wordpress.com
  4. Westmore “Virtural Tour” – www.MySpace.com/WestmoreMuseum

On October 3rd 2008 in Hollywood at a ceremony on Vine Street along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, my Father, and Grandfather will be recognized with a Star on the Boulevard for their outstanding contributions in Makeup and Hair Design and to Hollywood Film History. This is a great honor bestowed on our family after 91 years, (4 Generations) of working in Hollywood. Our Star was the last selected by former Hollywood Honorary Mayor Johnny Grant.

You can lean more about the Westmore history by visiting all three of new Westmore Museum Websites: the George Westmore Research Library & Museum “Website”, the George Westmore Research Library & Museum “Blog” and the George Westmore “Virtual Tour”.

Thank you for your caring revealed by your questions and comments.

I believe caring is contagious, Marv

Marvin Westmore

Comments on: "Welcome" (6)

  1. mary tworkowski said:

    I am coming to visit California for the first time in order to see your school. Art flows through my veins and nothing makes me more happy than to allow myself time to appreciate art and to have it at my finger tips. I am so excited to meet the staff and see the school and hopefully one day meet you! I was reading some of the blogs and found one about eyebrows. I know this school is only for makeup, but do we learn how to shape eyebrows?

  2. Hello Marv,

    I met you years ago in SF at the Face & Body Show when I was an esthetics student. I’ll never forget your great kindness in giving me a tutorial on eyebrows, the Westmore method.

    I recently saw “Bladerunner” on TV and still marvel at the great makeup you created.

    Hope you are doing well.

    Pamela Jeffrey

  3. Jean M. Neves (Jeanie) said:

    Hi Marvin

    You and I met when I took a couple of classes with you back in the 1990’s in New Orleans, I stayed a few extra days because you told me that “you are one of us” because of my interest in helping people with disfigurement …Are you still teaching in CA?…..I don’t know if you remember me….I hope so…..and I hope you are feeling very well! You signed my copy of “The Westmore’s of Hollywood” by your Uncle Frank. Hanging out with you and Cathy from Minnesota, a former star pupil of yours, was a highlight in my life that I will cherish always.

    Jeanie Neves
    from Cape Cod Skin Care

  4. Hi Marvin
    I just found your blog again!…almost a year later!…So glad you remember me… I watch Turner Classic Movies as often as possible and always look for the Westmore name! I think I was born in the wrong decade; should’ve been in Hollywood in the 1930’s!

    Please keep in touch.

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